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Palmer station

This year marks the 40th anniversary since the U. Palmer Station is a small place that seems to loom larger-than-life for those who live and work there for any amount of time. I finally got my chance to visit the U. The sun — when the Seattle-like gray curtain of clouds parts — shines nearly 24 hours a day. Naturally, biological research dominates the marine ecosystem. Other biologists dive under water to observe the murky forests of algae and the sea creatures that swim among the long tendrils of seaweed.

Photo Credit: Peter Rejcek Phil Spindler, assistant supervisor of laboratory operations at Palmer Station, loads a trailer with science equipment.

This is also the time when the research vessel Laurence M. Gould steams down the length of the peninsula as part of a long-term study of the region, which is undergoing rapid changes from global warming.

Palmeris also nearby this season, on a two-month expedition to collect data on climate change and the evolution of the ecosystem since a massive ice shelf collapsed in Palmer Station serves as the base of operations for much this research — part town, part laboratory and part warehouse. About half of its 45 bed-capacity is reserved for support staff — the carpenters, electricians, cooks, mechanics, technicians and others who keep Palmer running. Their job is to ensure the scientists can focus on their research.

Quick Links. Photo Credit: Peter Rejcek. Phil Spindler, assistant supervisor of laboratory operations at Palmer Station, loads a trailer with science equipment. Office of Polar Programs on Facebook. National Science Foundation Social Media.Track my home. An intimate community located moments away from historic Stillwater- welcome home to the community at Palmer Station. Located in the rolling hills of Oak Park Heights, Minnesota, Palmer Station offers single-family main level living homes free of any association dues!

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Palmer Station

Toggle navigation. Settings Sign Out. My Home Get quick and easy access to your home value, neighborhood activity and financial possibilites. Saved Homes Click the to save properties. Saved Searches Click Follow Search to get alerts on new listings. Landlord Tools List Your Rental. Home Renting Tips Debunked! Prev Next Property. Contact Builder. Built by: Creative Homes Loving what you see? Find out more about this property. Estimate Payment. Palmer Station Community.Storage containers, dormitories, and research facilities can all be seen in the image.

In addition to regular visits by the research vessel Laurence M. Gouldcruise ships and other visitors to Antarctica can often be seen. Most research at Palmer Station is conducted during the austral summer October to Marchwhen days are long, ice cover is low, and organisms are abundant. Scientists study many of the marine and terrestrial organisms that inhabit the local area, including bacteria, algae, invertebrates, fish and birds.

Palmer Station also participates in data collection for worldwide environmental monitoring networks. Onsite instruments measure seismic activity, atmospheric characteristics, and very-low-frequency VLF radio waves.

Satellite images processed at Palmer Station are used to understand and map regional sea ice conditions, weather patterns, and phytoplankton concentrations in the ocean. The webcam is solar-powered and may sometimes experience brief outages due to inclement weather.

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During the webcam's operational period, both adult birds and chicks can be seen. As there is no place to land a cargo airplane at Palmer Station, ships play a crucial role both in science and the transport of cargo and personnel from Punta Arenas, Chile, nautical miles 1, km to the north.

The foot meter research vessel Laurence M. Gouldnamed for renowned geology professor Dr. Laurence Gould, was designed to serve this dual role and was brought into service in The hull is constructed of strengthened steel that allows year-round operation in Antarctica under most ice conditions. The fully equipped Gould supports science ranging from geology and geophysics to biology and chemistry. NOTE: The webcam image is often obscured due to harsh and unpredictable weather conditions.

Palmer, who in on a sealing expedition in his foot meter ship the Hero became the first American to record sighting Antarctica. The original station was built in Inthe U.

Navy began construction of the current larger and more permanent station approximately a mile east of the original site. The first building at the new station, the biology laboratory, opened its doors to science in Today, two main buildings and several smaller structures make up Palmer Station and provide housing and research facilities for scientists and support personnel.

Of the three U.Long-term moorings can be deployed for durations of two years or more, powered with alkaline or lithium battery packs. The Palmer field station supports twenty people year-round and up to forty-four in the austral summer.

Climate scientists study icebergs as they break up for clues to the processes that cause ice shelf collapse. Hugh Ducklow is recognized for his "extensive, noteworthy, and exemplary contributions to the advancement of Palmer Station is one of the three United States research stations located in Antarctica. It is on Anvers Island midway down the Antarctic Peninsula at latitude A view from the station can be seen on the Palmer Station webcam.

The Palmer LTER studies a polar marine biome with research focused on the Antarctic pelagic marine ecosystem, including sea ice habitats, regional oceanography and terrestrial nesting sites of seabird predators. Full proposals and reports. Skip to main content. Shipboard Science Long-term moorings can be deployed for durations of two years or more, powered with alkaline or lithium battery packs. Palmer Station The Palmer field station supports twenty people year-round and up to forty-four in the austral summer.

Icebergs Climate scientists study icebergs as they break up for clues to the processes that cause ice shelf collapse. Latest News. Inlet in Antarctica named after Dr. Hugh Ducklow. Digital eye in the sky. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in the material are those of the author s and do not necesarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.Four days before Midwinters Day!

The latest Gouldwith the winterovers on board, arrived at Palmer Station on the morning of 10 June. Gould is scheduled to head south from Punta Arenas on 2 October and arrive at the station on the 6th. Yes, there are photos of thatas well as some new links! Brief Hero update The 28 February Chinook Observer article has more details.

palmer station

Earlier in the summer, Artists and Writers visit to the station was Shaun O'Boyle, who arrived at the end of October for a 3-week stay he lived on board the vessel. Here's his blog post about the trip --he previously spent 7 weeks at McMurdo inand here's a page of his McM photos.

The most recent updates The and winters saw some major renovations of both the biolab main floor and GWR, including a new exterior back stairway on GWR, moving medical and other offices from Biolab to GWR, as well as moving the fire tank outside, to make more room inside Biolab for beakers or whatever. I do have a collection of photos from these renovations that I hope to put up someday.

palmer station

More recently, after the winter construction of T6things have been a bit quieter. The station science sitreps to date are published here by the LTER people, nowadays with a new look in MS Word or pdf formats, with photos. It was augmented in with a remote penguin camera on Torgersen Island; this camera is operational during the summer breeding season. And don't miss Dave Gallas' incredible blow-by-blow eyewitness account of the Bahia episode!

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Here's a larger 1mb version. Updated 16 June Visits since 11 March Visits since 11 March Initial construction of the station finished in The station, like the other U. The base is about as distant from the equator as Fairbanks, Alaska. The station is named for Nathaniel B.

Palmerusually recognized as the first American to see Antarctica. The maximum population that Palmer Station can accommodate is 46 people. The normal austral summer contingent varies, but it is generally around 40 people. Palmer is staffed year-round; however, the population drops to people for winter maintenance after the conclusion of the summer research season.

The facility is the second Palmer Station; "Old Palmer" was about a mile to the northwest adjacent to the site of the British Antarctic Survey "Base N", [2] built in the mid-fifties.

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The site is on what is now known as Amsler Island. Old Palmer was built aboutand served as a base for those building "new" Palmer, which opened in Old Palmer was designated as an emergency refuge for the new station in case of disaster, though this perceived need disappeared over time. It was dismantled and removed from the Antarctic as part of the National Science Foundation's environmental cleanup efforts in the early s.

Most of the station's personnel are seasonal employees of the U. Antarctic Program's main support contractor, Leidos. Over time many support staff have worked for two or more of these firms. Palmer Station is located at The station also houses year-round monitoring equipment for global seismicatmospheric, and UV -monitoring networks, as well as a site for the study of heliophysics.

Science cruises cover physical oceanographymarine geologyand marine biology. The ship also carries field parties to sites around the Antarctic Peninsula to study glaciologygeologyand paleontology. Due to its northern location and coastal location, the temperatures moderate more than interior climates.

Winters are general cold and subzero, while summers are chilly, but regularly rise to temperatures above freezing. The average temperature for the year in Palmer Station is The warmest month, on average, is January. The coldest month is August. Goulda ship with an ice-strengthened hull that makes routine science research cruises around the peninsula.

Palmerthe United States Antarctic Program 's other research vessel, has also made port calls to Palmer Station — Hero Inletwhere the pier is located, is too shallow for the Palmer to dock at the station, though. Palmer Station is located on Gamage Pointnamed for the shipbuilder. Other people believe that Hero Inlet is named after Capt.

Nathaniel Palmer's 47 foot sloop, Hero, that he was sailing when he first sighted Antarctica. Gould in Visit the Palmer Station Station webcam. Read recent reports from Palmer Stationpublished in the Antarctic Sun. Palmer is the only U.

Antarctic station north of the Antarctic Circle.

palmer station

It has rained every month at Palmer. The station, built on solid rock, consists of two major buildings and three small ones, plus two large fuel tanks, a helicopter pad, and a dock. Construction was completed inreplacing a prefabricated wood structure "Old Palmer," established in two kilometers away across Arthur Harbor.

Old Palmer has been disassembled and removed from Antarctica. Somewhat over 40 people can occupy Palmer in the summer.

Marissa Goerke Describes Life at Palmer Station in Antarctica

Wintering population is about 10, although Palmer does not have a long period of winter isolation as do McMurdo and South Pole. Palmer Station is superbly located for biological studies of birds, seals, and other components of the marine ecosystem. It has a large and extensively equipped laboratory and sea water aquaria.

Weather in Palmer Station, Antarctica

Ocean and climate systemsaeronomy and astrophysicsglaciologyorganisms and ecosystems also have been pursued at and around Palmer. Antarctic Program participant raises the U. NSF photo by Peter Rejcek. Palmer Station is named for Nathaniel B. Palmer, a Connecticut sealer who, on 17 Novemberduring an exploratory voyage ranging southward from the South Shetland Islands, may have been the first person to see Antarctica.

British and Russian ships were in the area at about the same time. Contact Help Search search. Search search. Antarctic Program U. Policy on Private Expeditions to Antarctica U. Email Print Share. Palmer Station. Frequently Asked Questions about the U. Antarctic Program. Antarctic Environmental Policy. Policy on Private Expeditions to Antarctica. Crary Science and Engineering Center.

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Antarctic Program web portal. Annual Report to the Antarctic Treaty. Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs. Antarctic Treaty Secretariat. Antarctic Treaty Committee for Environmental Protection. Polar Programs Budget Information.